Maintenance Packages

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  • {fancytooltip title=[Its the rate of maintenance support per hour. ]}Advanced Statistics{/fancytooltip}Rate per Hour
  • {fancytooltip title=[We can do all types of data entry and content changes, updates to your website.]}Advanced Statistics{/fancytooltip}Content Updates
  • {fancytooltip title=[In case of all website issues, we can help you.]}Advanced Statistics{/fancytooltip}Website Fixes
  • {fancytooltip title=[If you are running an eCommerce website, then we can help you to enter your products into the store. ]}Advanced Statistics{/fancytooltip}Ecommerce Product Updates
  • {fancytooltip title=[We will upgrade your Joomla to the latest updates and security patches.]}Advanced Statistics{/fancytooltip}Joomla Core Updates
  • {fancytooltip title=[We will upgrade your Joomla extensions, if they have a newer version.]}Advanced Statistics{/fancytooltip}Installed Extension Updates
  • {fancytooltip title=[We can check your website to locate the errors, if any.]}Advanced Statistics{/fancytooltip}Website Check for Errors
  • {fancytooltip title=[We will setup a backup and restore system on your website, so you are always safe with your backups.]}Advanced Statistics{/fancytooltip}Website Backup and Restore
  • {fancytooltip title=[If your website is not compatible with some browsers, we can help you with that.]}Advanced Statistics{/fancytooltip}Browser Compatibility Test
  • {fancytooltip title=[We can provide you weekly SEO statistics for your targeted keywords.]}Advanced Statistics{/fancytooltip}Weekly SEO Report
  • {fancytooltip title=[We can do a security audit of your Joomla website to find any flaws in the software.]}Advanced Statistics{/fancytooltip}Website Security Audit
  • {fancytooltip title=[We will setup a Firewall system on your website, so that you can get notified on any type of bad attempts to your website.]}Advanced Statistics{/fancytooltip}Website Firewall Setup
  • {fancytooltip title=[We can do the traffic analysis for your website. ]}Advanced Statistics{/fancytooltip}Website Traffic Analysis
  • {fancytooltip title=[We can provide you online support with Skype, Teamviewer, MSN, etc.]}Advanced Statistics{/fancytooltip}Web Training
  • {fancytooltip title=[We offer Phone Support to our exclusive members, with help, when they are stuck at some places.]}Advanced Statistics{/fancytooltip}Phone Support
  • {fancytooltip title=[Forum Support is answered by our Joomla professionals, but we cant guarantee the time of reply.]}Advanced Statistics{/fancytooltip}Forum Support
  • {fancytooltip title=[Priority Support is given with our help desk. Your tickets gets answer more quickly than anyone else.]}Advanced Statistics{/fancytooltip}Priority Support
  • {fancytooltip title=[At Helpdesk, you can submit all of your questions and we will answer to them.]}Advanced Statistics{/fancytooltip}Helpdesk Suport
  • basic

  • $200

    per month

  • 60$/hour
  • 5 Hours a Month
  • 2 Hours a Month
  • regular

  • $450

    per month

  • 50$/hour
  • 10 Hours a Month
  • 5 Hours a Month
  • pro

  • $750

    per month

  • 40$/hour
  • 10 Hours a Month
  • 10 Hours a Month