Why we prefer Commercial Joomla Extensions over the Free Extensions

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Monday, 08 April 2013 17:25;
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I was just checking Joomla Extensions directory and it has got over 9000 extensions . 60% of them are commercial extensions and 40% being the free ones . Almost 99% of the, are open source GPL licensed only. We have been building Premium Joomla Extensions since 2009 and currently we have contributed around 335+ Joomla extensions , out of which 95% are commercial only.


Why we build Commercial Extensions :

The answer is simple, Customer Support! We are famous for our best in class support for years now. By keeping it free, we would have received a lot of support requests , which would have been hard to handle. Also, we have a team here, who gets paid for their time. We are no billionaires like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs , etc. Keeping it commercial , it's easy for us to manage the customers and take ultra care of their support requests and questions . This way, we help our customers with a bug free product, which are updated time to time with new features and updates .

Why we buy only Commercial Extensions :

Every client website or our personal service website we do, we buy commercial addons for all our our requirements . Free extensions just doesn't work for me. There is a saying, "You get what you pay for" . When its free, you end up losing more time in getting it to know or to work. Free extensions support mostly are slow or just doesn't exist. It's at least not worth my time or my client. We get the commercial ones and if any issues, ask for a support immediately . When I said, free ones are not worth my time, that doesn't mean, all of them are useless. I have used a lot of free good ones too and they rock! But that is kind of rare.


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