Where is the Trash Manager in Joomla 3.0

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Friday, 29 March 2013 10:50;
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I hate Joomla 3.0! Its not for me, but for my customers, who are very much confused, since started doing websites in Joomla 3.0 . I dont understand, why would someone remove the Trash Manager menu item from the administrator and make it complicated. Anyways, we have to stay with this crap! 


Joomla 3.0 has got rid of Trash Manager menu item. Now the only way to access it is, by selecting the STATUS FILTER on the Article Manager to TRASHED.

So, if you want to delete some articles, you can simply select the items and click on TRASH. And then if you want to go see the trashed items anytime, you can simply follow the above said procedure.


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