Top 5 Joomla SEO Mistakes

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Saturday, 10 August 2013 03:00;
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Mastering Joomla SEO is a never ending process. You keep on working on it, keeping tracking Google progress and Google Panda updates and make necessary changes to your Joomla website time to time.

We have came across a lot of Joomla websites , which are either very badly optimized or just wrongly done. Here are few things, which you need to take care, if you are really serious with the latest trends and want to see your website on top of the search engine results.

  • Duplicate Mega Tags : Do not use the same meta description or meta keywords on two consecutive pages on the same domain. Doing that, you are inviting Google to compare your pages and reindex them or give low value.
  • Duplicate Content : Never try to promote one single service or keywords with two different pages. Google tells, those are duplicate pages and you will be penalized for that.
  • Bad Backlinks : Have you madly submitted your website to low grade directories or social bookmarking websites ? You have done a big mistake! Now, take the pain of contacting everyone and asking them to remove your link. Make sure, you prepare a complete Link profile before you do this.
  • Bad practices : Do not try to trick with Grey-hat or Black-hat SEO techniques. You might get totally deindexed by Google.
  • No Sitemap or robots.txt : I have seen a lot of sites, who have no site map.xml file or the robots.txt file. Those two are very very important, if you want your website to reach Google .

I will keep updating this list, as I recollect from my experiences.

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