20 Best SEO Tips for Joomla Website

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Thursday, 04 April 2013 02:09;
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Making a Joomla website is easy, but making it accessible for the search engines are a pain. Also, its not a piece of cake for everyone, who ha sno idea, what he is doing and how search engines work. So, here are few basic and advanced steps to help you with the Joomla SEO for your website. 


  1. Have specific meta description for each page and make sure, there are no duplicate meta tags
  2. Donot use Meta keywords anymore. Its obsolete.
  3. Have your page titles very specific and to the point. For example, a page title should look like , "SEO your Joomla Website in 15 Easy Steps"
  4. Rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess and then enable SEF URLs and SEF URL mod rewrite in the global configuration. Or you can use sh404sef for better handling.
  5. Optimize your website for speed loading. Use tools like Pingdom , Google Page Speed, Gmetrix, Nibbler
  6. Host your website on a good web host to avoid slow loading and DNS issues
  7. Use ALT Tags and Image dimensions for each image you are using
  8. Have your website compatible for mobile and smart phones.
  9. Use CDN network to deliver your contents
  10. Have social bookmarking extension installed on each page of your website. Use this extension, Fancy Bookmarks.
  11. Enable GZIP compression from the global configuration
  12. Integrate Google Webmaster Tools verification to test your website from time to time
  13. Use Google Analytics to track the traffic and the sources
  14. Use a Google Sitemap or any automatic updating sitemap generator . You can also use XMAP
  15. Donot use table layout for your template. Use div based coding only
  16. If you are doing inter linking, donot over do it
  17. Test your website with w3c validator and try to remove as much as errors you can
  18. Make the external links as no-follow links only
  19. Get socially active! Have a Facebook Page, Twitter Page and Google+ Page for your website
  20. Keep a close eye of your 404 traffic and make sure, you are redirecting them to homepage or some meaningful page.


There are lots more to do. As I recollect , I will update this page.


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