Joomla One Page Websites - A BIG NO!

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Tuesday, 04 June 2013 04:43;
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One page or single page website trend got started off in late 2008, which was more likely adapted by freelancer designers and small agencies, who has minimal contents and wanted to show everything in a clean hierarchical method. Its all good, if you are making a static HTML website and want it to be one page web page. But this trend doesn't sit well, if you are looking to make a dynamic CMS based website, in Joomla and Wordpress.

When it comes to a dynamic website, it gets everything from the database and pulling everything at once is a cumbersome process. While you do it for a page, your other pages will go broken. You might have seen a lot of one page website templates for wordpress and joomla on Themeforest or on the web, but trust me, none of them are perfect! Almost all of them are either buggy or just doesn't work out of the box!

Here are few things, which should put you off before thinking to make a onepage Joomla website :

  • Large background images + large amounts of content + AJAX loads = many HTTP request = long load time = bad
  • A long site is boring
  • MySQL query confusion if you want to load multiple extensions on the single page
  • You cannot activate multiple components on a single page
  • The worst, SEO! SEO for one page is fatal. You are not going to get any Google love for one page websites
  • Analytics for specific content pages is impossible, since it will track the whole page only
  • One page will only work on frontpage and no inner pages.
  • Hard time in getting things to work at once for IE browsers.
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