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Saturday, 06 April 2013 01:00;
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When you install a Joomla website , you will see a inbuilt text editor , which is called TinyMce editor . It's not that extensive and doesn't come with a lot of controls and features .


So, if you are a serious Joomla website developer or user or administrator , them you will need a better and fully featured editor . Thanks to JCE editor , which comes to the rescue . It not only works like a clean text editor , it also has a code editor , syntax highlighter, light box , media support, etc. It normally comes with a lot of plugins with its free version . But if you need more , then you can buy their plugins. Normally, we never needed it, so the free version always worked for us and our clients.


Here is how to use JCE Editor :

Download the latest version of JCE editor from their website.

Install it on your Joomla website from the extension manager .

You will see a new component item in the components drop down in the admin panel, called JCE .

Simply goto Global Configuration and change your default editor to JCE.

Now you will have the complete JCE editor when you try to add an article or any custom HTML module .

It's very easy to use . It will show a lot of small icons on the top . You can simply hover over each icon and it will tell you, what it does .

Also make sure, the JCE plugin is active in the plugin manager before you proceed .


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