How to use Adobe Edge Fonts in a Joomla Website

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Tuesday, 02 April 2013 02:11;
Published in Joomla Tutorials;

Last week, we had an article, how to integrate Google Fonts into your Joomla website and this time, its about the brand new Adobe's product, Adobe Edge Fonts. The integration is simple and clean, just like the Google Fonts integration. And as far as I checked, Adobe has much nicer fonts than Google Fonts repository. Depends on your choice though. 


So here is how to integrate Adobe Edge Fonts into your Joomla Website ,

  1. Goto Adobe Edge Fonts Website
  2. Scroll down and select your desired font from the drop down.
  3. Lets say, we selected, "alegreya-sc"
  4. Goto your php file, where the HTML head is defined and place this line of code, < script src=""></script >
  5. Then goto your css file and use the new font family code, as and where required. The code in this case is, font-family: alegreya-sc, serif;


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