How to stop Google from indexing '?tmpl=component&type=raw' URLs

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Saturday, 27 July 2013 03:31;
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We have been receiving a lot of queries from our customers, who are facing Google penalty for duplicate URLs. When we investigated the issue, we found a lot of websites had URLs indexed twice.

For example,
Of course, those are the same page, but they were indexed twice, which made Google feel that its a duplicate content. The reason behind this was buggy templates, which were not coded keeping SEO in mind. This was generated from the PRINT, EMAIL links on the article pages. Whichever website had that active on the article pages, they started getting two URLs in Google.

Here are few ways to fix this and avoid getting into this issue again :

    1. Ask your template provider to add NOFOLLOW links to PRINT, EMAIL links and icons. 
    2. Use SH404SEF extension and configure it exactly how you need it.
    3. Edit your robots.txt file and add this,
      User-agent: * 
      Disallow: /?tmpl=component&type=raw
    4. Use a good sitemap creator like xmap
    5. Login to your Google Webmaster Tools and remove the URLs which you dont want to get indexed.
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