How to setup a Multi-language Joomla website in 10 Easy Steps

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Tuesday, 03 September 2013 02:28;
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Here is how to create a Joomla multi-language website without using 3rd party extensions in just 10 east steps.
Earlier we had to use JoomFish and it was kind of very complex for basic Joomla users. Since Joomla 2.5, it can be done without using any 3rd party extension and within the admin panel itself. Here are the steps :
  • Install Language Pack
    To translate Joomla's system labels like "Read more..." in different languages
  • Define Content Languages
    Add languages that can be assigned to content (categories, articles, menu items, modules, etc)
  • Enable & Configure "System - Language Filter" plugin
    Add language code to URL, enable "Menu Item Association" (see 8.)
  • Create Root Category for every Language
    For easier maintenance it's better to group all categories for a language under a "Language Root Category"
  • Create Articles
    Assign the right Category + Language to each article
  • Create Menus (every Language own Menu)
    Create a Menu for each language
  • Create Menu Items & Menu Item Association
    Create Menu Items, set a default homepage per language, group similar menu items from different languages
  • Create Menu Modules (every Language own Menu Module)
    Create a Menu Module per language and assign to that language's Menu
  • Create Language Switcher Module
    Create this Module to display the language icons that can be selected to select one of the languages
  • Redirect old incoming links
    A tip for collecting huge amounts of old URLs,
    and creating redirects to the new URLs using:
    A sitemap component (Xmap)
    A browser (to display the HTML source)
    A spreadsheet (Excel / OpenOffice Calc)
    and .htaccess
Thanks to db8 for the tips!
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