How to include Joomla Component into Joomla Article

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013 11:36;
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If you are using a Joomla component and would like to include that to a Joomla article, there is no straight way to do that.
Joomla only allows to include modules into your articles via LOADPOSITION plugin. You cannot do the same for component. Components cannot the embedded into the Joomla articles with loadposition syntax. So in order to do that. you can do that with the use of a 3rd party plugin, called Plugin Include Component .

The syntax is {component url='' } Replace with the url to your component and include index.php?
For example:
{component url='index.php?option=com_component&Itemid=73' }
Make sure, you donot paste the SEF URLs inside the syntax. The plugin only needs the raw URL from Joomla.
Here is another good tutorial by Joomlart Team :
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