How to Backup and Restore a Joomla Website

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Saturday, 06 April 2013 01:10;
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Every kind of CMS website needs a proper backup and restore system. Joomla websites are kind of stable and very secure , if made with proper care . Still backup is alwas recommended . Thankfully we are gifted with an application like Akeeba Backup, which makes the backup and restore of a Joomla website pretty easy.


Here is how to backup a Joomla website :

Download the correct version of Akeeba Backup from its downloads section . Install it on to your Joomla website from extension manager Enable it and goth configuration . You may want to change the backup output folder and output format too. I normally change the output folder to the Joomla tmp folder and set the output format as zip only. Once that is done, you can go to the backup menu with the same component. Akeeba backup and click on backup start . It will automatically take the whole website backup and save it to your output folder . Now, you are done with the backup of a Joomla website .

Here is how to restore a Joomla website :

If you have already taken the backup as we said above , then you are ready to restore it to a new location , if you need . For example , you want to move the site to a new server , this is the best way . Simply create a new blank database and username access to it. Once that is done, you may upload the backup zip file to the new location . Now unzip it on the location . And simply try to access the URL on your browser. It should come up with a Joomla installer screen. Simply fill in all the details like the new database , new username and click next on page by page . In the end, you should see a completely restored same website.


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