How to add a Sitemap to your Joomla Website

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Friday, 05 April 2013 16:41;
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Sitemaps are one of the most needed thing , while making a website . Without a site,a, you wont be able ping the search engines about your contents. Joomla doesn't come with a ready made sitemap extension . So, you will need some 3rd party solution to get this done on your Joomla website.


There are various sitemap extensions , which you would find in Joomla Extensions Directory , but the most famous one is Xmap. Xmap is currently compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 perfectly and works flawlessly . It has some very cool features , like it can generate XML sitemap and HTML sitemap as well . You can also decide what all menu items should show on your sitemap and exclude what you don't want to show . Another nice feature in Xmap is beautify the XML sitemap page . Also you can have multiple sitemaps created with Xmap.

It's pretty easy to use too. Simply install and create your first sitemap and it will generate the direct links for the XML and HTML sitemaps. You can then simply create a menu Item pointing to your Xmap sitemap. That's it!


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