Joomla Fix : Could not instantiate mail function

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Monday, 24 June 2013 01:55;
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Joomla sends email on various functions like new registration email, forgot username, forgot password,etc . If your server does not support php_mail() function, the it will throw an error like this,


  • Could not instantiate mail function.
  • The mail() function has been disabled and the mail cannot be sent.
  • Registration failed: An error was encountered while sending the registration email. A message has been sent to the administrator of this site.

This is due to the server limitations. Almost all the web hosts support php_mail() function , but who doesn't they have an option to do it via SMTP. Thankfully Joomla allows you to configure the SMTP right from your Global Configuration. 

All you need to do is, get the SMTP settings from your web hosting support team and then should be able to help you.

NOTE : You will see this error on your localhost WAMP or XAMPP too. Don't panic. Simply make the site live and you should be good then. 

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