An Experience with a stupid Joomla user!

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Thursday, 11 April 2013 15:30;
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We have been selling around 300+ Joomla Extensions since 2009 and meeting an a$$hole everyday is quite common these days. Anyone who is short of knowledge or respect tries to be extra smart.

The simple way to trick the seller is buying their software and then doing a chargeback at PayPal or the credit card company, without any valid reasons. Thanks to PayPal and 2checkout, who normally requests for valid documents and I always win against those chargebacks. Since I'm used to this bullshit for years now, it has made me quite strong dealing with such idiots. 

This image says it better,

Here is a simple story which happened today.

A guy named Chris bought our AJAX Contact Form Joomla Module. He had some issues with it. He submitted a ticket at the helpdesk. We fixed it few hours and updated the ticket. He replied back asking for features, which we never advertised. I politely explained him about it and also suggested a good and more advanced option to meet his requirements.

Here starts the fun (fake-reason from such idiots) :

He started arguing about our feature advertisement. I asked him to show me the page, where we did. He sent me a different link. I again had to explain him about that website not being ours and is another company's website. He took time and replied , "Actually this was a mistake and I wanted to buy that but bought yours". I asked, "How could you make mistakes with websites or tabs and then product and support too". He was blank!

Here starts the blackmailing:

He said, "That is horrible customer service. I will never buy any software from you and will leave horrible feedback about your services. Sorry that your unwillingness to do a simple refund will now cost you thousands of dollars in lost sales. If you choose to change your answer on the refund, then I will leave good feedback about your company. Please let me know what you would like to do." 

Here is how polite I was :

I replied, "Sorry, we dont have control on what you search or buy on internet. You need to be careful while buying something to make sure, you are on the right website to purchase. Since you purchased, its an authorized sale and we dont offer refunds for digital downloads. The only way is, either you use it or save it for future usage. BTW, what you just said is BLACKMAILING. Thank you." 

NOTE : Before someone purchases something from our store, we have strict guidelines about the refund policy and we also make sure, the user gets to see it twice, before he buys it, but you cant stop such idiots to mess with you! This is life!


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